Photoshop under Linux WINE

Photoshop actions in Linux

A pretty obscure one but we’ve been asked if the 1clickactions products work if Photoshop is running under the Linux operating system using WINE. The short answer is I don’t know as I’ve never tried.

I would image that the standard actions will work fine so long as Photoshop itself is running okay but the script based ones might be more problematic especially as some refer to specific folders under the C: drive. I’m not sure how WINE handle folder structures but if it can present c:\1clickscripts as a literal path then they may work but I can’t really recommend it as I can’t be sure.


Visual Actions website – no longer needed

Visual actions and 1clickactions

Now that the 1clickactions site has undergone its transformation it seems less necessary to have the separate Visual Actions website so I intended to stop updating that site and concentrate solely on this one.

I’ll probably leave a few galleries on there but all the ordering will be eventually handled solely on this site.


New 1clickactions download links for ordered items.

1clickactions download links

In an attempt to balance the load on the server I’ve moved the 1clickactions store downloads to the domain. If you need to re-download any of your orders you will need to change the link accordingly. For example if you had a link “” it will now be “” – existing access codes should still work.

All new orders should have the correct links in the confirmation emails.